Extended Day Programs

We are excited to offer the Extended Day Program for children in their pre-kindergarten year. Each day offers opportunities for exploration and fun.


Cultural Specialized activities using the geography, history, and science materials abundant in the Montessori classroom. Children receive plenty of individual attention and participate through lots of hands-on activities.
Yoga A certified teacher assists children to develop an awareness and control of their physical body. Yoga is a truly beneficial form of exercise and one that young children enjoy immensely
Art An open-ended approach to the world of art. Is offered. Exploration with numerous mediums (painting, sculpture, collage, etc.) gives each child the opportunity to discover his creative self.
“Follow the Child” Children express interest in a particular subject or area of the classroom; the teacher supports the child with appropriate lessons and direction. The subject of interest could be dinosaurs, volcanoes, rainbows, or politics…we follow the child!
Foreign Language Our children learn another language from native speakers. Our Montessori children have been exposed to a variety of languages. It can be Spanish, French, Hebrew, or Mandarin.
Cooking/Baking Cooking and Baking projects are often coordinated with a cultural study and/or literacy unit.
Drama After reading a classic children’s story like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the children take turns acting out all the characters of these beloved tales.