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"Establishing lasting peace is the work of education." — Maria Montessori
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We proudly boast that we have the most enriching kindergarten program on the North Shore!

In our Kindergarten program, your child will have all the benefits of enjoying the bountiful 3-6 Montessori classroom in the morning and then will join all the other kindergartners in the afternoon for special enrichment activities.

During the afternoon sessions, the children have ample time each week to explore the advanced Montessori materials. Concentration is in the math, language, geography, and science areas. Each child works according to his/her individual development, increasing knowledge, skills, concentration, independence, and love of learning. They also participate in Language and Literacy, Art, Music, Spanish and Yoga.

In Language and Literacy, study units and quality children’s literature are used to inspire young writers. The children have many opportunities for modeled, guided, and spontaneous writing activities. All of this is accomplished through incredibly fun excursions. This program has included trips through the solar system, a jungle safari, and a re-enactment of Miss Spider’s Tea Party - complete with real tea sets and masks!

Our art program is taught using an open-ended approach with flexible art materials allowing the children unlimited opportunities to express themselves. The program covers six basic areas – collage, paint and color mixing, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, and art history. Each class includes discussion about the process, history, and the possibilities of various media, followed by plenty of time for each child to discover how the materials can work for them. This program culminates in a field trip to the Art Institute of Chicago.

In our music program, activities include singing, movement, improvisation, listening games, and playing of instruments. Over the course of the year, the children learn about different kinds of music, instruments of the orchestra, and basic music theory. This program includes a Chicago Symphony Orchestra concert.

In our Spanish program, children learn through songs, books, conversation, and even dancing. They learn the alphabet, numbers, colors, planets, the five senses, fruits and vegetables, animals and shapes.

Our Yoga program introduces the children to yoga in a fun and playful way. Traditional yoga poses are taught using techniques that both entertain and enlighten the children. The class helps develop a stronger sense of self as well as a stronger physical body. Concentration, balance and overall coordination are all benefits of our yoga program.

Our kindergartners thoroughly enjoy all aspects of the full day kindergarten program. As graduates, they are fully prepared for first grade!

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