summer camp

Summer Camp

We are currently making plans for Summer Camp 2018. Summer Camp is an opportunity for children to explore treasures right in our own backyard. Our town is full of parks, gardens, nature centers, and playgrounds, providing an abundance of opportunities to learn and play. We’ll visit with our favorite community helpers including police officers, fire fighters, and librarians, always-exciting events for young children.

Staffed by Certified Montessori Teachers

In keeping with the Montessori philosophy, we have created a summer program that fits the needs and desires of young children. Join us for swimming, sports, art, field trips and a wide variety of outdoor activities A sensational summer camp experience awaits! Summer Camp is a place for fun and excitement where every child is important. Our summer staff consists of our very own certified Montessori teachers. They will offer your child guidance and supervision throughout the summer months – providing safety, security, and continuity.

Summer Camp for Two and Three Year Olds

Our 2-3 year old program will include an introduction to the Montessori classroom and give the children a chance to become familiar with the teachers and the environment. We will spend much time outdoors, focusing on the summer season through stories, music, movement, and artwork. The children will wade in child-sized pools and play in sprinklers. They also have the opportunity to participate in special field trips. All children enjoy access to local parks and playgrounds. The emphasis of the program is on water fun, field trips, art, games, and enjoying the beautiful summer weather.

Summer Camp for Four-Seven Year Olds

Our program will be action packed. *Art *Cooking *Dance *Drama *Field Trips *Reading *Sports *Swimming Lessons, a well-rounded camp sure to be enjoyed by all!

First Grade Leaders Play a Strong Role in Summer Camp!

Summer Camp opens its doors to children who have completed first grade. These 6 and 7 year olds will assume the role of camp helpers. In addition to benefiting from being in a leadership position, they will continue their development in reading, writing, and math by using the advanced Montessori materials. In this way, first graders will secure and expand on their knowledge.

Camp Enrollment

Our summer camp lasts (8) weeks: 4-week sessions are also available. Full-day and half-day programs are offered. The school is open from 7:30am to 5:30pm. A $100.00 application fee will secure a place for your child in our program. We serve children 2 to 7 years old.

Summer Camp Activities

Swim Program

Our 4-7 year old children have swimming lessons twice a week at the Recreation Center of Highland Park. They are instructed by certified lifeguards who will help them become comfortable in the water and learn swimming skills. Whether it’s your first swim lesson or you’re a fish in water, lessons will be given at an individual level to expand your swimming ability.  Of course, our staff is always present, closely supervising the children since safety is our highest priority.

Field Trips

Special programs are in the works for indoor and outdoor FUN. We will visit our favorite community helpers including police officers, fire fighters, and librarians. Plans are underway to enjoy our local parks and nature centers.


Our program will be action packed! Our sports program will teach the children the basic concepts of soccer, baseball, , and basketball. The children will learn in a fun, relaxed way, with an emphasis on teamwork and good sportsmanship.


This is a favorite summer activity! Under the direction of our stellar art teacher, the children will explore the world of art. Utilizing sculpture, collage, drawing, printmaking and paint, each child will be able to express his own creativity. The individuality of each child is nurtured to the fullest. The possibilities are endless!!

Dance & Movement

It’s hard to tell who enjoys this part of camp the most…children, teachers or parents! Between line dancing, the chicken dance, YMCA, the Macarena and the Cha Cha Slide, the boys and girls are enthusiastic about moving their bodies! Dancing is not only great exercise but lots of FUN!


Due to popular demand, our language curriculum will be integrated into the summer camp experience. Specific language activities will include letter-sound correspondence, word composition using Montessori language materials and moving through various basic reading series including SRA, The Bob Books, and the Rigby Readers. This will ensure continued academic growth throughout the summer season.